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OQ Training

Operator Qualification Training (OQ) is enforced through current pipeline safety statutes. To ensure the safe transportation of hazardous liquids and gases through pipelines, operators must be qualified according to the PHMSA (Department of Transportation), and the burden of qualifying pipeline operators falls on private pipelines and pipeline contractors. KCI’s Operator Qualification program is designed to ensure compliance with the Department of Transportation’s Operator Qualification ruling (ref. 49 CFR 192 Subpart N; 49 CFR 195 Subpart G), which includes contract personnel acting as an operator’s representative (third party evaluators). 

KCI ensures compliance with the DOT Operator Qualification rules, as follows:

  • As a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Assessment and Accredited Training Center, we provide ongoing training for our employees.
  • We offer and maintain Veriforce qualifications with trained evaluators on staff.
  • We offer Industrial training services (ITS) and Engery World Net (EWN) qualifications.  
  • We participate in Midwest Energy Association’s Operator Qualification Program.


Custom OQ Class

In our Operator Qualification class, our Evaluators (or instructors) travels to our client's site at a mutually agreeable time. The client has the ability to customize the curriculum to their needs. Clients select the course topics, and KCI Services will qualify your operators at your designated location. KCI Services evaluators will travel to you, anywhere, 24/7, 364 days a week.


Administrator Services

KCI Consulting Services, Inc. is staffed and equipped to serve as your in-house OQ Department. A properly run OQ Department is as critical to your success as your Safety Program. KCI Services can manage all aspects of your OQ requirements.

As your OQ Administrator, KCI Consulting Services will: 

  • Develop your company-specific OQ Plan

Communicate with Pipeline Operators, whenever necessary, regarding project task lists, and compliance issues, etc. 

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