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Operator Qualification


KCI Consulting Services Inc. offers Operator Qualification Training (OQ) to certify Pipeline Operators and Contractors and help our customers get PHMSA compliant. KCI’s reputation for Excellence is grounded in the quality of our Evaluators, and demands that we ensure that our personnel are highly qualified to perform the work you require – to meet or exceed regulatory requirements, as well as your expectations. 

Operators may require Contractors which supply individuals to perform covered tasks to: 

  1. Have their own OQ Program and provide documentation that these individuals are currently qualified to perform the assigned covered tasks.
  2. Belong to a Consortium which provides the required qualification evaluations and documentation, or
  3. Qualify those individuals under the Operator’s own OQ Program; or
  4. Have an independent third party evaluate their qualification and provide the required documentation. 

Whichever alternative is chosen, the Contractor must be operating under an OQ Program that the Operator has verified as being compatible with its own qualification procedures, including the recognition of and reaction to AOC's identified by the Operator. 

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